909 Live

Introducing ..... the band

The Band - Live

John - Guitar/Vocals

John is a seasoned guitarist who has been playing for 14 years. Having been in bands on and off since he first picked up a guitar, he has played with members of the Mavericks, UnkleJam and Hurts. John was once referred to as a "white Lenny Kravitz" and loves soul and blues music. He has a solo E.P. out (http://johnbrindle.bandcamp.com) John's main influences are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince and David Gilmour.

Tom - Bass/Vocals

1982: Came into the world two weeks later than he was supposed to, (a trait that is reflected in his bass playing to this day). 1986: Childhood interrupted by school. 1993: Bought a guitar, and began to teach myself - thinking that this would be a good way to attract girls.... 1994: ... realised the initial lack of guitar was not the problem. 1995: Not being good enough at guitar to play in a band, (blaming my teacher) took up the bass, "Four strings - How hard can it be?" 1995: Discovered Jaco, Victor, James Jamerson, Flea, Sting, Mingus, Bootsy, Slap bass, two-hand tapping, chords, five string, fretless and use of harmonics - and realised how hard it could be. 2003: Finished uni and resumed childhood. 2009: Stopped worrying about it

Jules - Drums/Bookings

Jules was born in Liverpool, just around the corner from where (and at about the same time as) The Beatles were changing music forever. Having played the drums since the tender age of 9 Jules sights Ginger Baker, Stuart Copeland, Phil Collins and Abe Laboriel Jr as some of his influences. Jules has been in bands since the age of 14 and has played drums for "The Mosquitoes","Los Cojones Del Perro" and "Bibby Road". Jules enjoys playing with 909 and has often referred to us as "The Magic Combination".